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Here is the outline for today


Community Bible Church

Sunday School

October 4, 2020

  1. Read Ps 32.

  1. Does anyone know the background to this Psalm? 

  1. Read 2 Sam 12:1-14 and Ps 51.

  1. What is the state of the person in 32:1-2? 

  1. Why is this person called blessed?

  1. Discuss the deceit in 32:2. Who is the target of the deceit?

  1. What was the effect of the unconfessed sin? Here specifically and generally?

  1. What was the result of the confession of sin?

9  Discuss the suffering ( your hand heavy upon me).

  1. Discuss 32:6-7

11. How is this Psalm a revelation of God's shelter? Consider also other Scripture.


Sunday Worship on Zoom:


Community Bible Church continues to have a gathering to worship the Lord, Sunday mornings at 10:00. If you can come gather with us, PLEASE do. We would love to see you. If for any reason you are unable to gather with us in person, please join us via Zoom. We would love to see you. Let us gather and worship the Lord! Just click the link below: